EUROPA SUN 200 Fixed Photovoltaic Mounting System with Double Beam

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Fixed Photovoltaic Mounting System with Double Beam


EUROPA SUN 200 is a flexible, fixed mounting system for photovoltaic panels, suitable for installation on smooth and non-smooth terrains.

It is made of high strength aluminium alloy 6060 and offers high strength and rigidity. The mounting system cooperates with two trapezoidal piles of hot dip galvanized steel, used for the foundation.

It is designed to receive two rows of panels arranged in portrait or three rows in landscape orientation and the slope varies from 25o to 30o. The vertical distance between the ground and the edge of a typical panel (990mm x 1.651mm) is 2.1m at the rear and 0.5m at the front side, for an inclination of 30o. The typical distance between supports is 3.5m.

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