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Europa SUN

Europa Sun


A key priority in construction is the sustainability and energy saving solutions, in both residential and commercial building. Renewable Energy derives from natural processes, such as the flow of wind and water, geothermal energy and sunlight and are otherwise called "green energy".

Renewable Energy is connected to environmental protection, replacing the consumption of environmentally aggravating energy sources, hydrocarbons and oil, while maintaining a small environmental footprint.

Europa, in the context of its operations and for several decades takes measures related to the environmental responsibility under the umbrella of a strategic plan of Corporate Social Responsibility actions(CSR).

At the same time, develops bases for photovoltaic systems that contribute to the unchanging duration of any construction, but also to the protection of the environment. Aluminum itself is a fully recyclable material and is considered extremely environmentally friendly.


Europa designs and produces at its headquarters in Inofita, Boiotia, innovative, certified by TUV Austria, systems of support bases for photovoltaic systems, from high-strength aluminum alloys, for photovoltaic parks applications.

The design is based on saving resources, on easy and fast installation, reliability, and high quality based on international standards. Europa Sun product ranges give solution to every different size and pattern of photovoltaic panels and to a variety of applications and types of installation.

The specialized team of designers and engineers of Europa offers complete technical support at any project, ensuring proper installation of the bases in a photovoltaic park at the targeted time.

Solar energy systems have gained a large share related the energy saving in Greece, and have been included in the new subsidy program Exoikonomo - Aytonomo, with the aim of increasing renewable energy production in the coming years.

EUROPA Sun 2200

EUROPA Sun 2200EUROPA Sun 2200 is a flexible, fixed mounting system for photovoltaic panels, suitable for installation on smooth and non smooth terrains.

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EUROPA Sun 1100

Europa Sun 1100EUROPA Sun 1100 is a reliable and optimized mounting system for photovoltaic panels.

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EUROPA Sun 400

Europa Sun 400Europa Sun 400 is a fixed mounting system for photovoltaic panels, suitable for installation on inclined industrial roofs

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