EUROPA Products Advantages


EUROPA’s products are used not only as building materials for premium residential and commercial buildings but also in energy related projects and various industrial uses.
EUROPA is synonymous with innovation in aluminium, for residential and industrial uses. Its “Hybrid” systems save energy by providing optimum levels of thermal and sound insulation, safety and aesthetics.
Its state-of-the-art photovoltaic mounting systems provide a sound solution to the booming sector of renewable energy.
As a step towards expanding the market for value-added products and services, EUROPA has launched over the past few years various aluminium system brands, security doors and accessories. 
EUROPA is constantly investing for more than 40 years in the design and production of high standards and top quality aluminium systems and products. All EUROPA products are perfectly designed, with impeccable finishing and ultimate functionality.
EUROPA is monitoring the latest developments, combining research and cutting edge technology, constantly innovating, setting the standards for the aluminium market in Greece. Thus, EUROPA is able to offer high quality, certified products that meet the needs of the most demanding customer. 
As far as the Greek market is concerned, EUROPA’s brand is synonymous with the aluminium systems and flexibility of its products, which meet all construction needs, with security, vast variety of colors and coating types for every desire, with trust and ultimate customer satisfaction.


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