EUROPA Glass Railings


EUROPA Glass Railings is a high quality and modern aesthetics frameless glass balustrade system without vertical support columns. This minimal choice is based on current architectural trends with big balconies, offering unobstructed view and providing a sense of freedom.

Specially heated double glazing can be attached. The system’s design in combination with the multiple layers of PVB* film offers maximum security in case of breakage, significantly reducing the risk of falling glass pane after an unlikely incident.

The special PVB* welding film can be either tinted or colored, choosing between 9 different colors, offering a touch of luxury to the final outcome.

Technical Details

  • Total glass thickness that can be used (including 4 layers of PVB film) 11.5 mm, 17.5 mm and 21.5 mm with double glazing thickness of 5mm, 8mm and 10mm respectively.
  • Two versions of the system with:
    • System with base of 150mm width: The installation of the glass is carried out from the inside with a partial hold by 2 bases-grabs per 1 meter of installation and then cover along the entire length with side covers.
    • System with base of 80mm width: The installation of the glass is carried out from the upper side of the base with a single support from a continuous base along the entire length of the installation and the tightening of the glass is done with plastic wedges and epdm rubbers.
  • Complete anti-corrosion protection on base profiles and caps, with anodizing at a depth of 20μm.
  • Glass height can be up to 700mm or 1000mm with the base RB 84704 (80mm width) and up to 1200mm with the SA-84701 (150mm width).
  • Option for use of up to 4 PVB membranes for reasons of durability and safety. The special membrane also gives the possibility for various shades and lighting textures, giving a sense of both modern to the system and luxury. *
  • Indoor and outdoor installation, flat or sloping surfaces, interior and exterior corners 90º.
  • Installation option with chemical anchors of complete sealing (exterior spaces) or with conventional expansion plugs for applications that do not require sealing (indoor spaces) included in the set.
  • Drainage of water, carried out through the gaps under the base and side caps.

* the PVB option refers to properties of the glass which is a product produced by independent companies and installed by the manufacturer during the installation of the system.