Photovoltaic Mounting Systems

Europa SUN

Europa Sun

A key priority in construction is sustainability and energy saving. Europa, with a successful presence of over 45 years in the field of aluminum extrusion by designing and producing innovative systems for domestic and industrial applications, continues to be a pioneer in the field of Renewable Energy Sources.

Through its long-term experience and know-how, Europa designs and develops Photovoltaic Panels’ Mounting Systems, for installation on the ground (Photovoltaic Park) and on industrial roofs.

Europa Sun Mounting Systems are designed and manufactured at its central facilities at Oinofyta, Viotia and are certified by recognized certification authorities.

The specialized team of designers and engineers of Europa provide every single project with a complete technical study, ensuring proper application of the support systems for each photovoltaic park, taking into account the local geographical conditions.

Europa Sun design is based on easy and fast installation, economy of resources, Europa reliability and quality standards, while providing variety of applications, in full compliance with Eurocodes and Greek Anti-Seismic Regulations (EAK).

The construction materials are of high-quality alloys, resistant to time and corrosion, adding value to the construction while providing a 20-year warranty.

EUROPA Sun 2200

EuropaSun2200EUROPA Sun 2200 is 2-metal double pile fixed mounting system for photovoltaic panels, consisting of aluminum purlins and galvanized steel infrastructure.

The system is made of durable materials and is designed to carry two rows of panels.

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EUROPA Sun 1100

EuropaSun1100EUROPA Sun 1100 is a single pile fixed mounting system for photovoltaic panels. With main advantages the competitive price, the optimized assembly time and the design for installation in smooth or non-smooth terrains, the system aims at offering technologically advanced solutions.

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EUROPA Sun 400

EuropaSun400Europa Sun 400 is a fixed mounting system for photovoltaic panels, suitable for inclined industrial roofs.

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