Advanced aesthetics of aluminium systems design is highly connected to the aluminium profiles lines, their coloring, accessories (door handles etc).

Aluminium profiles are currently available in various forms, such as straight lines, curves and traditional style frames.

Aluminium applications offer engineers and architects greater design flexibility. For example, the extrusion process offers the ability of generating a wide variety of profiles suitable for the construction of end products. Aluminium panels can also be produced in flat or curved form and used in the construction of tanks, silos, or cooling towers. Aluminium can also be formatted on site with transportable machinery. Aluminum can be cut, punctured and be bonded either to the construction place or on site.

These complex shapes can be achieved by extrusion, allowing designers to incorporate various window components such as hinges, fittings, improved insulation materials, glass, etc. This feature combined with high strength compared to the light weight, allows the construction of high quality doors and windows.

The profiles appearance is of paramount importance. Appearance should be able to ensure appropriate decorative and corrosion behavior after surface treatment. Small streaks, scratches, grooves and other mechanical damage due to production conditions should be repaired before surface treatment. Cracks, spots from other materials, fingerprints, corrosion and general defects that negatively impact the construction and decorative use of the profiles should not be permitted.

The external appearance quality control of aluminum sections intended for architectural use is achieved through visual inspection. The specimens are compared to predetermined reference samples.

EUROPA products are specially designed in order to provide high aesthetics and functionality, forming the trends in modern architecture and satisfying the needs even for the strictest customers.


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