Color - coating


Aluminum for architectural applications goes through special surface treatments in order not only to improve the corrosion behavior, but also to achieve the desired look and color in order to serve the decorative requirements of architectural applications and constructions.

Most common methods for aluminium surface treatment for architectural applications is anodisation and electrostatic painting.
The process of electrostatic painting can provide a wide variety of colors, which is one of the main reasons of its widespread usage.
Primary color’s shades have a separate RAL number. (E.g. there is white RAL 9010 and white RAL 9016). Due to different gloss, sometimes there is a sense that the shades are different. Depending on the composition, coloring materials (powders) may have different final gloss (luster).

When placing an order, aluminium fabricators should specify the desired color based on RAL coding system and the desired gloss category (matte, semi-gloss, gloss).

Aluminium fabricators may cross-check the deliverable profiles in comparison with the RAL color gallery, which can be supplied by the painter.

Powder Coating Units
EUROPA operates three up-to-date certified electrostatic coating units plus a modern wood surface decorative paint unit with 4 paint lines where aluminium profiles are being coated into various colors, effects, types, hues or decorative wood effect powder, according to each client's needs.

All colors, powders and the coating unit procedures are certified for their quality and durability.

EUROPA is accredited with internationally recognized certificates QUALICOAT, QUALICOAT - SEASIDE CLASS and QUALIDECO which guarantee the quality and durability of the coating and provide a unique aesthetic regardless of the color the client may choose.


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