The term applies to the characteristics of a shutter or aperture that guarantees - with proper use - maximum safety for the user.

According to these characteristics:

  • Moving parts should be placed properly in order to be accessible
  • Locking mechanisms should be appropriates and functional
  • Stopper shutters should be applied in order to avoid unwanted movement due to wind or during cleaning.
  • Corners and endings of the shutters should be carefully applied in order to avoid unwanted injuries
  • Prevention of erroneous movements , breaking or damage of components.

Home safety has always been one of the most basic needs. In order to fulfill the need for safety, EUROPA, as an innovative industry, has developed specific aluminium systems which are certified with the WK2 and WK3 certifications (now called RC2 and RC3 certifications). The specially designed anti-burglary certification potentiates the level of safety.

WK2 and WK3 Certifications
WK2 and WK3 security are based on specific European standards.

  • The door or window is subject to a series of tests in order to verify that if it can withstand a burglary attempt.
  • The door or window receives a static load of 300 kgs at any locking point.
  • The door or window receives a dynamic load of 30 kgs at various areas on the frame as well as on the glass pane.
  • The specialized laboratory personnel attempts to break the door or window with "tools" used by the majority of the burglars: screw drivers, wedges etc. The special anti-burglary series of EUROPA have passed successfully all testing phases, a fact that proves their unnegotiable superiority.
    All tests were carried out in the notified German laboratory Ift Rosenheim.

Certified for higher protection!
Higher protection may be applied upon request to the well-known series of EUROPA: Europa 5000, Europa 5500 Hybrid, Europa 10000 Hybrid.
Your main choice may accept special reinforcements in order to acquire enhanced anti-burglary properties according to WK2 and WK3 security.

  • They retain all known characteristics of the Series such as the excellent design with smooth lines and elegant curves as well as unique functionality.
  • They have top specifications certified by official tests for Air permeability, Water tightness and Wind resistance.
  • They provide high levels of heat and sound insulation.
  • They possess the special painting treatment Seaside Class, which ensures maximum corrosion protection even at seaside areas or from other corrosive agents in general.
  • They bear the quality guarantee of EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINUM S.A.
  • Easiness in construction
  • Profiles are delivered with an incorporated special reinforcement, ready for processing.
  • Any additional processing in the profiles during the construction of a door or a window is not required.
  • The same cuts and treatments are maintained.

In order to meet modern needs for high quality solutions, EUROPA has designed special series of systems that satisfy both fabricators construction requirements and the consumer's needs for extra safety. You can find the advantages of EUROPA anti-burglary series in EUROPA corporate showrooms, EUROPA CLUB showrooms or simply by contacting EUROPA network throughout Greece.


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