Waterproof or water-resistant describes objects resisting the ingress of water under Aluminium frames are designed by the manufacturer in order to collect and drain water.

Air and water tightness of aluminum frames are based on qualitative partitioning. Waterproof sealing of joints between aluminium frames and walls is the key to avoid corrosion. Joints should be sealed with acrylic stucco, which can be painted and is also flexible enough to follow the contraction and expansion of the frame without causing cracks. The joints between different elements of the frames should also be sealed with easily replaced, durable materials surrounding each frame in row.

For this purpose, waterproofing tires should be used in opening systems and brushes in sliding systems. Latest developments suggest that brushes should be replaced with special elastic gaskets in order to increase airtightness without blocking the sheets movement. Materials such as silicone should not be used in places that are in direct contact with the weather stresses except the inner parts of the frame. The frame drain water holes are also essential for the water tightness of the system. To prevent entry of rainwater through the holes, there should be used specially designed synthetic profiles (plugs) that protect them.

All sealing and waterproofing methods used in EUROPA's products are available in each system's catalog.